Cocktail Cherries Story


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I was invited in the summer of 2014 to the Four Seasons Toronto, which is located in Yorkville, after a day at the PR/Advertising/Marketing agency where I work.

I believe it was a Thursday and my colleague and I sat down with a supplier from the events management side of things in the hotel cocktail lounge called DBAR.

They were immediately saying that we had to order an Old Fashioned and that the cocktail cherries were the best they had ever had. Our supplier did the ordering and he asked for a bunch of extra cherries to go with the drink. I thought it was actually quite funny but you never know until you go along I guess. Well, the Old Fashioneds arrived and each drink came with two extra sticks of dark red cherries, three to a stick. Yes, your math just confirmed six extra cherries. Gluttonous? Definitely. Did we finish them? Oh yeah.  

The cherries, we were told, were called Fabbri amarena cocktail cherries. 

BOOM! That's me with a large jar of the Fabbri cocktail cherries.

After a lot of searching I finally found two small jars of the Fabbri cocktail cherries at a little hole in the wall grocer over in the Little Italy area. Viva Italia!

I like Netflix as much as the next person, after all there must be a lot of cherry syrup splattered around the set of The Walking Dead. But I don't like to spend my spare time trying to keep up with every awesome series, you kind of have to pick and choose.

Years ago I started an eCommerce business from the ground up. Custom coded site, custom die cut boxes with custom printing, custom ordering for corporate orders. Yes, custom coming out of my ears. The amazing thing now is you don't need to go custom with everything. There are sources like for boxes and bubble wrap, Shopify for a low-cost eCommerce platform and so forth.

Well the next part of building out this little online store was to get more SKUs (in plainspeak that's more cherry brands in different sizes). Over the course of several months I had Luxardo cocktail cherries (missing from the pics below), smaller jars of Fabbri cocktail cherries, Toschi cocktail cherries and Nappi cocktail cherries. I stopped selling the small jars of Toschi because they just weren't moving - and gave them away for gifts and maaaaaybe had them in my own Old Fashioneds.

I'm holding Toschi cocktail cherries in a 510g ceramic jar.
Like the fancy vignette effect? I tapped a button for that :-p

The Nappi 2015 World Champion cocktail cherries in a 460g jar.
There's a world championship for rock/paper/scissors so cocktail cherries aren't really that weird I suppose.

I'm holding the 230g jar of Fabbri cocktail cherries.
It kind of looks like a lame attempt at a bodybuilding pose.
#sorryimnotamodel #zoolander #cherrysteel

Prost / Hipahipa / Salud ... or however you say Cheers! 

My name is Fraser Sullivan and I am thrilled to have you order cocktail cherries from my little eCommerce store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.