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The Rye Old Fashioned

The Rye Old Fashioned I came across this amazing recipe on the Ruhlman website! You can read the whole article here. Rye Old-Fashioned 5 grams bitters (about) 1/2 teaspoon sugar (about) Squeeze of orange, optional Bulleit Rye, as needed Lemon twist One good cherry In an old-fashioned glass muddle the bitters, sugar, and a squeeze of orange, if using. Get the sugar dissolved (or use 2 teaspoons simple syrup). Fill the glass with ice, fill the glass with rye, garnish with a lemon twist and a good cherry.   Of course I'm particularly partial to the "one good cherry" to top it off and when the cherries are good enough, you'll definitely want more! Cheers, Fraser   Disclaimer: All images, designs...

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The Nappi Amarena Cocktail Cherry Story

Nappi Amarena Cocktail Cherries: The Story The story of Nappi begins in 1911 in the village of San Gennaro Vesuviano, which is located in the southern area of Naples, Italy in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Starting as a small shop that would sort and clean fresh fruits and nuts, it slowly grew over time and has always been run by the Nappi family. In the 1950's and 1960's, they expanded and diversified the business, which led to the introduction of the now famous Amarena Nappi cocktail cherries. During the 1990's, the Nappi family invested further into the company with the construction of a new 660,000 square foot facility. This allowed them to blend their history of high quality, traditional...

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