3 Jar Gift Pack - Hotel Starlino / Nappi / Fabbri Cocktail Cherries

3 Jar Gift Pack - Hotel Starlino / Nappi / Fabbri Cocktail Cherries

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The perfect gift! It’s always a great idea to share some amazing cherries with that special someone who loves making quality drinks. Enjoy each of our premium Hotel Starlino, Fabbri, and Nappi cherry jars! 

Whats included:

Hotel Starlino cherries are exquisite all-natural Maraschino cherries matured for two weeks in their natural Marasca juice then rested for another week to achieve their peak flavor. The result, a delicious luxury cherry that is delightfully sweet and savory.

Introducing the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 World Champion amarena cherries from Nappi! We love these cherries! The syrup is extra heavy and when you bite into them, you know it's Nappi because they pop in your mouth. The company Nappi is from, you guessed it, just outside of Naples in Italy and has always been family owned and operated. As with the other cherries, they are great on top of ice cream, in gelato and perfect for baking.

Fabbri Amarena cocktail cherries are nothing short of incredible in cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martini as well as in baking or as a special treat over ice cream. Fabbri selects their best Amarena cherries, then they candy them in syrup following an original recipe passed down from the founder of the company.