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The Rye Old Fashioned

The Rye Old Fashioned I came across this amazing recipe on the Ruhlman website! You can read the whole article here. Rye Old-Fashioned 5 grams bitters (about) 1/2 teaspoon sugar (about) Squeeze of orange, optional Bulleit Rye, as needed Lemon twist One good cherry In an old-fashioned glass muddle the bitters, sugar, and a squeeze of orange, if using. Get the sugar dissolved (or use 2 teaspoons simple syrup). Fill the glass with ice, fill the glass with rye, garnish with a lemon twist and a good cherry.   Of course I'm particularly partial to the "one good cherry" to top it off and when the cherries are good enough, you'll definitely want more! Cheers, Fraser   Disclaimer: All images, designs...

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