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Recipe: Warmed Brie Cheese Appetizer With Cocktail Cherries

I had a small Halloween party and am finally getting around to share not only the most simple appetizer recipe ever but also the fact that it was gone in mere minutes! Here we go: 1 Large Slice Triple Cream Brie Cheese1 Portion Fabbri Cocktail Cherries (~1/3 of a large jar)1 Box Breton Crackers Warm the brie in the oven at 350F for awhile. I was drinking but from the photo you can see it was still intact and not completely melted. Let's just say 15 minutes, have a look, decide from there. Take the cherries and dump them on the warm, melted brie. Let sit, have another drink. Serve on a Breton cracker. I say Breton because they're my...

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